A fast and easy way to gain immediate feedback and measurable direction from an N=100, in a matters of days.



A new, standardized, validated and fast turnaround marketing research platform for healthcare brands

The new 83Bar PressureTest platform uses online ads to drive users to a landing page for a short assessment of the research stimuli.

What Is A PressureTest?

The online ads, landing page, quiz development and reporting can be applied to a national, regional or local sample. Clients provide up to 8

close-ended, open-ended or multiple choice question sets.

What It Does:

83Bar PressureTest can help you make decisions about your brand positioning, product concept evaluation, creative visual preference, promotional message recall, competitive landscape analysis, patient satisfaction reporting, target profiling segmentation, and many more.

How To Use It: 

The PressureTest's well thought out, tested and systematic approach to get predictable results at a fraction of the cost of a large study.

How It Is Different: 

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83Bar is the only fully integrated "patient activation"​ company. We specialize in connecting patients struggling with various conditions to the health solutions and experts they need. 

We’ve developed a concierge platform to help move passive patients to become active consumers of healthcare.

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The 83Bar system of healthcare consumer outreach has been used by device manufacturers, pharma companies, medical providers and healthcare services.

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